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Mobile Welding & Fabrication

Our Mobile skilled technicians and unit offer quality work through every stage of the process. From industrial plant shut down to any major repairs, we have the expertise and the resources needed to complete all of your projects affordably, efficiently, and to your complete satisfaction. Welding is the process of melting metals or thermoplastics and adding a filler material to fill gaps and produce a secure coalescence between the original materials. Welding naturally produces a stronger bond than soldering or brazing because the original materials are melted and interact in a molten form to create a juncture that is nearly as strong (sometimes as strong or stronger than) the surrounding materials.

Welding rods, wire, or sticks of differing materials act as fillers and/or catalysts in forming the bond.

Although welding is performed in a number of ways, in this commercial context we are concerned with the various types of electric arc and gas flame welding. These methods are simpler and less expensive than plasma, laser, ultra sound, forge, or pressure welding. For commercial and residential applications oxy-acetylene welding, shielded and nonshielded arc welding, MIG and TIG welding are sufficient to fabricate or repair common applications.

Diamond Automation Inc mobile welding

Our welder is skilled in the following areas as well:

  • Certified All Position CWB Structural Welder
  • Certified 6G High Pressure Pipe Welder
  • Repair Loading Docks, Ramps, Guardrails, Safety Guards, and Hand Rails
  • Truck and Trailer Welding Repairs (Roll Off Bins and Trailers, Dump Box, Truck Frames)
  • Hoppers and Structural Frames for Conveyor Belts
  • Tanks Repairs
  • General Welding and Fabricating
  • Heavy Machinery and Farm Equipment Repair
  • Piping of Boilers and Chillers (Gas, Steam and Water Lines, Valves and Replacement)